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Established in 2017, Imfrin has already served 1000+ customers. Having already delivered a wide range of products, we specialize in custom hair wigs, guitar picks and toxic-free toys. We already have a large network of Indian Exporters



Imfrin bridges the gap between Indian exporters and buyers. We have been striving to make "Import from India" process easy and efficient for our prestigious customers.


You can eliminate your pain of contacting multiple sellers in India. We'll find the best seller for you making sure the seller is genuine and product by them is as described.


With it's rapidly booming Economy, it's no wonder that India is the new darling of wholesale importing. "From Small to Big we can get you All"
customer support


24x7 support-Our online staff is always available to solve all your queries. Just shoot us a message from our website’s Contact us feature and we'll be there to assist you.

The 4 Simple Steps !

We follow a simple and crisp 4 step process.


Place Your Order

Just place your order through our website’s contact form. Use the space to list out the perfect description of the item that you want- down to the last detail. Include minor details such as colour, height and other specifications.


Review the Order

After we've found the product you have mentioned, our support team will get in touch with you. You can then check if the product we got you is the same as the one you wanted. If not, we'll try again. If our products fulfill your criteria, we'll ship it.


International Shipping

We'll ship your product via a popular courier service such as FedEx or any other service of your demand. Also, we charge no overhead fees for shipping, so you'll only be paying the amount which is required. We specialize in exports to the US, Canada and various European countries.


Trusted payment partner

We use PayPal for accepting all payments, so you’ll have no problem as PayPal accepts all forms of payment options and provides you and us the extra layer of Internet security while handling money.

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